3M awards VJ7 Printing with the Certificate of 3M™️ MCS™️ Warranty

Last November 28, 2022, VJ7 Printing was awarded by 3M the certificate of 3M™️ MCS™️ Warranty. With this certificate, VJ7 Printing is recognized as a graphics manufacturer with the capability to produce top notch, quality finished graphics.

Setting the industry standard more than 20 years ago, the 3M™️ MCS™️ Warranty is still solid gold. It covers finished graphics using products designed and tested for optimal compatibility and performance for jobs that demand the very best. While this certificate is not required by 3M, it demonstrates VJ7 Printing’s commitment to excellence.

We at VJ7 Printing are proud to have reached this milestone!

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Enrico Olivares Santos

The company was founded in 1997 by Enrico Olivares Santos who named the company after the members of his family. 

VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. started as a humble backyard operation with only one artist and a handful of offset press operators. Its first iteration catered only to the Our Lady of Fatima University and the Fatima University Medical Center. It grew into a full-fledged registered corporation in 2016.

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