About Us

VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. started as a simple backyard operation in Fatima Ave. Valenzuela City, serving only Our Lady of Fatima University and Fatima University Medical Center, to a full-service printing, packaging, large format printing, and graphic designing company. VJ7 literally means Vicente – Juliet and their 7 children. Although the company was only founded by one of the 7 children, he named the enterprise after the family due to a well-rounded relationship of the entire family.

The business was established in 1997 as a small entrepreneurial venture of Enrico Olivares Santos. From a single artist and a couple of offset press operators, it grew and expanded with the additional acquisition of Heidelberg presses such as the SOR, a one-color offset machine, the Kord64, also a single color machine that can print on paper up to 450gsm; SORKZ, a two-color machine and the GTO46, which is used to print forms and receipts with numbers.

2014 marked the giant step in VJ7 Printing’s history as it embarked on an aggressive expansion program. A new printing plant was erected on a 2,634 square meter lot in Maysan, Valenzuela City. To beef up production capacity, several new offset, digital, and finishing machines were purchased.

The expansion continued with the set-up of the large format printing division in early 2015. With the acquisition of the HP Latex 360, a 64-inch roll-to-roll large format signage printer that uses HP Latex Ink Technology, VJ7 Printing entered the exciting world of sign and display.

With the vision of competing in the major leagues, and becoming a one-stop print shop that spans digital, offset and large format printing, VJ7 Printing continues to invest in top-of-the line machines and new technologies to complete and strengthen its foothold in the printing industry.

VJ7 Printing transitioned to become a full-fledged registered corporation in July 12, 2016.
This ushered in a new phase in the aggressive growth mode of the business. A bigger, better and continuously improving VJ7, ready to take on the challenges of a highly competitive industry.


The unwavering commitment of VJ7 Printing to offer total print solutions across different media remains strong. The cornerstone of its aggressive growth strategy is anchored on three key factors:

  • Leveraging on technology

  • Working closely with clients

  • Investing in the people who will build the business.



Our Team

Printing is our passion here at VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. Our team is composed of skillful graphic artists and printing machine operators with years of experience and dedicated to the craft. We treat each and every project that comes our way as an opportunity to apply our expertise while at the same time, learn new techniques.

"Our standard is to surpass yours."