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Alt Scoops is a vegan dairy-free ice cream brand that promises oat-powered creamy goodness. VJ7 had the opportunity to collaborate with Alt Scoops to work on their product packaging.


Alt Scoops


About The Project

Alt Scoops needed cost effective and sustainable packaging for all the flavors they were set to launch. Apart from providing Alt Scoops basic packaging solutions, VJ7 also ensured that details were not overlooked by creating the die cut shape fit for their packaging’s design. 

VJ7 met all of Alt Scoops’ requirements with our Digital Printing Service. With the use of our digital printer, we were able to print the packaging for all their flavors without added cost. We were also in constant collaboration with their design team to match the measurements of their die cut packaging. To make sure that everything would fit perfectly together, we provided Alt Scoops’ design team with a die cut guide and sample prints as well.

This project allowed us to extend our collaborative process with our client and their designers. VJ7 is proud to have helped Alt Scoops by printing the packaging for all their flavors. We are glad to be a part of their successful launch.

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