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Edwin Wilwayco

VJ7 worked with Edwin Wilwayco, a Filipino painter well known for his Abstract Expressionist style, on the production of his Retrospective Coffee Table Book. 

Mr. Wilwayco’s coffee table book looks back on his life and paintings, and how the two are weaved in the artist’s life. The book’s design included a dust jacket, slip case, and a maquette. VJ7 worked in close tandem with Mr. Wilwayco’s artistic team on the book design’s technical aspects and necessary printing process.


Edwin Wilwayco


About The Project

This project came with technical printing challenges due to its dimensions and required print folds. The book was 11.5 in x 13in and it had 316 pages. With its weight and measurements, we had to ensure that it was sturdy. The book also needed a Z-fold and three Gatefolds to ensure that the art flowed seamlessly throughout the pages. An 18-page Tip-In catalog was also inserted in the book. 

To perfect every element of the book, we collaborated with its designer, Aman Santos, whose knowledge and experience aided the VJ7 team throughout the technical printing process. We meticulously monitored the production of the book, from its pages, bleeds, margins, folding, down to its binding specifications. Working closely with Mr. Santos made the production process run smoothly as both he and VJ7 shared the goal of fulfilling the artist’s vision. 

Apart from our offset printing expertise, we were also able to utilize our large format division’s competence in producing the Maquette. This was a reproduction of Mr. Wilwayco’s triptyque art. 

As rewarding as it was challenging, this project allowed us to expand our technical printing process skills while collaborating with Filipino artists. VJ7 is proud of this project as we exceeded Mr. Wilwayco’s expectations for his Retrospective Coffee Table Book.

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