Digital Printing

Welcome to the new era.

  • Print only what you need
  • No Minimum Requirement
  • Customized or Variable Printing
  • Economical to run for low quantities
  • Fast turnaround
  • Actual output for proof is available
  • White ink
  • Unquestionable quality (Perfect for photo books)
  • No Spoilage = More Environmental Friendly


With one of the most sought after machines in the world, VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. is the perfect solution for your digital printing needs. The HP Indigo 5600 is known as the top-notch technology for this segment. Equipped with ElectroInk technology for distinctive unmatched quality prints and built to suit over 2,500 certified substrates, this machine enables us to provide the productivity, quality and efficiency demanded by our clients.


  • Invitations

  • Photobooks

  • Calling Cards

  • Notepads