An Extremely Odd Love Affair

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An Extremely Odd Love Affair

Intrigued perhaps by what this extremely odd love affair is all about? Well, it’s really all about paper and my weird fondness for fine and elegantly crafted paper.

My love affair with paper started at a young age when I discovered how it can transform my simple journal entries and doodles to look and feel like a story book that comes to life with every turn of the page.

My regular visits to National Bookstore and those specialty stores that offered a wide range of stationery and journals, introduced me to the wonderful world of paper and books, of course. However, it also opened my eyes to the fact that not all paper is created equal. After all, quality comes with a price.

Fine crafted paper comes from artisanal workshops with craftsmen who have mastered the techniques in papermaking. There are quite a number of fine illustrious brands in the market but among my favorites are Fedrigoni, Fabriano, Pineider and Crane. One simply has to touch and feel the weight, texture and ink absorption of these papers and you will know how it feels to be enamored.

It may be true that in this day and age, print may have been overshadowed by technology. But still, there are quite a number of people like me, I would like to believe, who appreciate the finer things in life. And that includes good old handwritten notes and journals.

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