VJ7 Printing Topping Off Ceremony

Last week, our team gathered for a topping off ceremony which marks the completion of the steel construction phase of our 4-story building. The new building will house our offices and some of our machines. We are very much excited to see the completion of this structure!

An Extremely Odd Love Affair

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An Extremely Odd Love Affair Intrigued perhaps by what this extremely odd love affair is all about? Well, it’s really all about paper and my weird fondness for fine and elegantly crafted paper. My love affair with paper started at a young age when I discovered how it can transform my simple journal entries and […]

Five Nuggets of Print Wisdom

Five Nuggets of Print Wisdom You think you know printing, but really, you don’t! So why not give this article a chance to simmer a bit and I hope it will lead you to the right path, the next time you have something printed. Your design is only as good as your pixels.  How many […]